Showreel 2019
MTV Ident

I worked with VOXI to create a sponsored ident on MTV, It was one of the most challenging and fun films I've ever had to make. 


Coming Home is a heart-warming, enthralling documentary which follows The White Hart, Chobham, focusing on the staff and the locals who create the sense of community felt in the pub. Through various interviews with the members of this community, we are given an insight into the lives of the locals, their lives outside of the pub and how The White Hart has impacted their lives.

Director - Jacob Howard
Producer - Jodie Lambert
Editor/ Cinematographer - Jack Gunn
Cinematographer - Jeevan Lakhay

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A Place In the Mind

An Experimental Film Exploring memories and what it means to loose them to Dementia.

What Are You Watching?

“What Are You Watching?” Is a sequel to “A Place In the Mind”, again exploring memories and loosing them but this time more about what happens to you get fact and fiction mixed up.

Up At The O2 Summer Lates

An unused video for Up at The O2 Summer Lates

The Phesant Gin Festival Promo Video

The Pheasant at Buckland's Gin Festival Video.

Audio - 

Great Days by Joakim Karud
Music provided by Audio Library

Phesant Gin Festival 2018
Endless Watching

VOXI Advert.