Jacob Howard is a 22 year old self-proclaimed photographer, artist and film maker, based between both Surrey and London. Jacob has recently graduated with a Foundation in Art and Design and a BA Hons in Digital Film and Screen Arts.  

He has been hired for such professional jobs as promotional videos for local events, photo passes for London gigs and national tours and photography for the websites and social media of local businesses.

When Jacob isn’t behind the camera, he is working in his local pub or a runner on music and promotional videos.

With his interests including travelling, film and music, he gains a lot of inspiration from the world around him and strives to make his work tell a story and provoke emotion in the audience. He prefers the use of film in his work, and although he is the first to admit it is not always the most practical, Jacob finds the final product to be so classic and second to none!

Jacob has worked with a variety of companies and clients, these include VOXI, MTV, Up At The O2 Summer lates and most recently, he was featured on Lomography.com with an interview into his processes and All Thing Analogue.

Please contact Jacob with any enquiries about work, or future prospects.